SereniBrain is dedicated to creating a more relaxed journey of spiritual growth. reduced stress, heightened focus, and improved sleep quality.

SereniBrain - Experience More Beautiful Moments in Life

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Eliminate motion sickness with our Brain-Computer Interface Mindfulness Meditation System, and unlock a new level of comfort on your journeys.

SereniBrain - Transform Your Travel Experience

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We are dedicated to bringing Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Technology into every home to empower everyone to tap into their full potential.

Brain-Computer Interface AI Mouse: Revolutionizing Your Interaction with Technology

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Unlock the Power of IHNNK

Enjoy new lifestyles with the IHNNK headband.

Motion sickness、High pressure...

Comfortable travel、Regulate emotions...


Scientific, accurate, and efficient EEG acquisition

Collecting multi-modal data including EEG, eye movement, and head motion.
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The headset is comfortable to wear.

Supports adjustable fit, suitable for long-term wear.

Headband Gel Electrodes

Disassembly and installation are very easy and can be replaced.

The signal acquisition performance is strong.

Its performance rivals that of professional EEG monitors, accurately capturing EEG signals.

SereniBrain-Motion Sickness Prevention System

Specially designed for those prone to motion sickness, our Brain-Computer Interface Mindfulness Meditation System is proven to be effective for nearly 90% of users in mitigating symptoms.

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Approximately 90% of users experience relief from motion sickness

Alleviate Motion Sickness

Improve sleep quality

Regulate personal emotions

SereniBrain - Relieve Motion Sickness, Embrace Comfortable Travel

SereniBrain-Mindfulness Meditation System

Create an immersive meditation space to offer you a level of relaxation and peace never experienced before.

SereniBrain offers a serene and balanced mind-body experience

IHNNK Brain-computer interface AI Mouse

Revolutionize your interaction with technology through our cutting-edge Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), enabling a seamless, hands-free computing experience.

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IHNNK Brain-Computer Interface AI Mouse - A New Era of Human-Computer Interaction

See What Our Users Say

Real testimonials from satisfied users, sharing their experiences


Thanks to the headband, I no longer suffer from motion sickness. This all-encompassing comfort experience has me hooked!

- Jessica Taylor


The headband has enhanced my meditation practice and made it easier for me to stay calm and focused throughout the day. This technology is truly a game-changer!

- Sarah Davis


This headband is a game-changer for anyone prone to motion sickness. Since I started using it, my symptoms have improved drastically, making my daily routines much more manageable.

- Daniel Taylor