IHNNK Brain-computer interface AI Mouse - Redefining How You Control Your Device

Are You Facing Any of These Difficulties?

What is the IHNNK Brain-Computer Interface AI Mouse?

With the IHNNK Brain-Computer Interface AI Mouse, users can precisely control their PCs or tablets without using their hands. This innovative mouse not only offers traditional functions but also introduces users to an entirely new way of interacting.

What Can the IHNNK Brain-Computer Interface AI Mouse Do?

1. Cursor Movement and Clicks

2. Scroll and Zoom

3. Adjust Sensitivity

4. EEG Monitoring

5. Voice Control

6. Filter Out Accidental Clicks

How Does It Work?

Utilizing advanced algorithms to analyze various brain signals such as EEG, EOG, and head movements, enabling precise control of the mouse.

4 Major Advantages

Empowering individuals with disabilities to navigate technology and supporting professionals in reducing strain on their necks.

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