Our story began in 2019

Established in 2019 through the transformation of scientific achievements at the South China University of Technology, IHNNK is a company with independent intellectual property rights in the brain-computer interface AI industry chain.

What Fields Do We Cover?

We employ non-invasive methods to provide "Brain-computer interface AI+" solutions for various scenarios. Our solutions are widely used in fields such as mental health, cultural education, medical rehabilitation, elderly care, and disability assistance.

What Products Do We Offer?

Our product range includes the SereniBrain Motion Sickness Prevention System, SereniBrain Mindfulness Meditation System, Brain-computer interface AI Mouse, SereniBrain Attention Training System, Brain-computer interface AI Wheelchair, Brain-computer interface AI Smart Ward, Brain-computer interface AI Third-Party Development Platform, EEG Acquisition Equipment, and more.

Our Journey Has Just Begun

We have one goal in our development journey: We are dedicated to pioneering and industrializing brain-computer interface AI technology, and helping to steer the global trajectory of Brain-computer interface (BCI) technology in the right direction.