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Motion Sickness Prevention System + mindfulness meditation

SereniBrain App

Motion Sickness Prevention System

Approximately 90% of users experience relief from motion sickness.

Mindfulness meditation via brain-computer interface, featuring immersive audiovisual neural feedback scenes to alleviate motion sickness symptoms.

Mindfulness Meditation System

A Healthy and Peaceful Mind-Body Experience

Mindfulness meditation has become a systematic psychological therapy beneficial for reducing stress, improving sleep, and soothing emotions.

How to achieve meditation for stress relief, improving sleep, alleviate Motion Sickness?

1. Collect electroencephalogram (EEG) raw data;

2. Analyze EEG signals;

3. Evaluate mindfulness meditation state;

4. Visual and auditory scene changes;

5. Construct neurofeedback;

6. Reduce sensory conflicts to reducing stress, improving sleep,  soothing emotionsall,eviate motion sickness discomfort

Mindfulness Meditation and Motion Sickness Prevention Exercises

We offer diverse brain-computer interface mindfulness meditation and motion sickness prevention exercises,including Valley,Starry,Sky ,Ocean,Forest,Mindful Breathing, Mindful Listening, and more.

Mindfulness Meditation Analysis Report

Automatically generated analysis reports scientifically quantify the effects of meditation.

 User Testimonials

John S.

This is a lifesaver for motion sickness sufferers! Since I started using it, my symptoms have improved drastically, making my daily routines much more manageable.

Mary U.

I'm so grateful for the headband; it's eliminated my motion sickness completely. The overall comfort it provides is just amazing!

Joshua A.

I've struggled with motion sickness for years, but since using this headband, my quality of life has improved drastically. I can't thank SereniBrain enough!

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